Check out what's new in theaters including, "The Bounty Hunter."

(NBC) - Jennifer Aniston always has men chasing her, but in "The Bounty Hunter", the reason is different from most. Gerard Butler plays the title character, who's also the ex-husband of Aniston's character.

She's a reporter who's jumped bail in order to pursue leads on a murder cover up. That means he's after her, and the murder cover-uppers are after them both. "The Bounty Hunter" is rated PG-13.

There's a pursuit of an entirely different sort in the sci fi thriller "Repo Men". Jude Law and Forest Whitaker are the title characters, in the business of forcefully taking back transplanted organs from people who can't keep up the payments.

But when Law winds up getting a heart transplant himself, he finds his new heart's no longer in the job and his wallet's not into the payments. "Repo Men" is rated R.

The trials and tribulations, humiliation and heartbreak of life in middle school get a new look in "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". This one's based on the popular series of kids' books.

They follow an average Joe pre-teen named Greg, who thinks middle school is the worst invention ever, and he keeps a diary, or journal, as he says, to illustrate his point.

Zachary Gordon stars, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" is rated PG.

Also in limited release this week is 'The Runaways'.

Kristen Stewart stars in this one as a young Joan Jett. The film shows the early days of her 70's rock n' roll band. Dakota Fanning co-stars. "The Runaways" is rated R.

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