SNL's Andy Samberg thinks his guest shot on "Parks and Recreation" is a winner

(NBC) - Doing "Saturday Night Live" is one thing for Andy Samberg.

But guest starring on a sitcom, resets the bar.

"I mainly love Parks and Rec because of the theme song," joked the comedian.

He appear on the series tonight, alongside his former Saturday Night Live

castmate, and "Parks" star, Amy Poehler."

"I don't want to jinx it, but I think this is the best episode ever," said Samberg.

"Of any show ever to air on television," he continued.

And for extra emphasis, he added, "I think this is the thing people will talk about for the rest of their lives."

That's in spite of obvious obstacles.

"I'm not really a fan of the cast," he offered, tongue firmly in cheek. "Poehler is not really my style. Aziz (Ansari) very unfunny. Rashida (Jones)? Blah!"

Samberg plays Carl, the head park ranger in the small town of Pawnee.

The term "indoor voice" is lost on Carl.

"He's very loud," Samberg said.

"He talks about 30 percent louder than everyone else," said Poehler.

Carl's out to improve park safety after the character Jerry gets mugged there by a bunch of kids.

"They're talking to me about park safety and I take them on a ride along. Denzel Washington style," Samberg said, in a laughing reference the film "Training Day".

Samberg's ride-along promises more laughs than "Training Day", but even if the ride doesn't deliver, the comedian reminds, "The theme song's really good."