March Madness inspires vasectomies

(NBC) – Some men have found an excuse to get time off work and watch March Madness.

For the next several days it's all about basketball, brackets and bags of frozen peas?

Some have figured out that if you're going to get it done anyway, this is the perfect time of the year for a vasectomy.

It's a phenomenon that urologists like Dr. Stephen Jones at the Cleveland Clinic have been noticing for several years now.

"Every time that we got to March Madness it's at least 50 percent more men than we'd had on the other weeks," notes Dr. Stephen Jones.

The number of scheduled vasectomies tends to jump by about half the week the men's NCAA basketball tournament begins.

"We'll certainly see a load start early Thursday morning and they're prepared by the time the games get started," Dr. Jones explains. "A lot of those guys are already ready. They're propped back and hopefully icing down and ready for a good weekend."

Doctors have noticed a similar jump in surgeries just before the Super Bowl as well.

Doctors remind men that vasectomies are an elective surgery and shouldn't be taken lightly.

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