Uncle Sam collects on even the smallest debt

Sacramento, CA - (NBC) - Federal agents recently tracked down a California car wash owner who was overdue on his taxes ... by four cents!

Aaron Zeff owns a car wash in Sacramento and missed his 2006 taxes by less than a nickel, so the IRS sent two agents to collect. They presented him with a bill that is going to cost a lot more than four pennies.

After penalties and interest he's now over $200 in debt to the tax man. While Zeff will pay he's, left wondering how much it cost uncle Sam to collect on his slight.

"I asked them what kind of car they were driving because I wanted to calculate their carbon footprint to calculate 4-cents in back taxes," Zeff said. "They were perfectly serious. Dead serious. They were not joking around."

In honor of his brush with the law Zeff will be offering four-cent car washes on April 15th.

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