Democrats plan to use what Republicans call a voting shortcut to get health care bill passed

(NBC) - Protesters of the health care overhaul came to Congress' doorstep.

"Our last ditch effort to stop what is going on here," said one protester.

Their latest objection is about how Democrats are weighing a tactic letting the House vote only on fixes to the Senate plan and by doing so "deem" the whole reform measure passed.

Backers say it's a path both parties use.

New York Representative Louise Slaughter said, "Most people, I think, in the House at this point, have voted for something exactly like it or very similar during their Congressional career."

It�s a way to keep Democrats from having to vote on an unpopular reform plan before it's amended.

Republicans are irate.

House Minority Leader John Boehner said, "I don't care what trick they try. It's not going to work. This is the biggest vote that most members will ever cast. You can't hide from it."

House Speaker Pelosi countered, save the process talk saying, "Let's talk about the process that the insurance companies use when they say to you, you become sick, your insurance is canceled."

All lawmakers are watching the numbers.

A nearly even split for and against the health care plan, disapproval of the President's handling of it and wider rejection of Republicans' approach.

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski said, "Well we here in Congress are giving a new meaning to March Madness."

This is a health care clincher on Capitol Hill.

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