"God of War 3" released for PlayStation 3

(NBC) - Kratos is back for the final game in the critically acclaimed, "God of War" trilogy and it's a masterpiece.

Sony's "God of War III" is the first in this series to be released for the PlayStation 3.

And the visual impact is as vast as the Greek mythology in which the story is immersed.

With Mt. Olympus among the battlegrounds it's a tale of revenge that's both epic and visually stunning.

Elaborate environments and a top-flight cinematic presentation make this one of the most memorable releases in quite some time.

Coming this fall motion controllers will not be exclusive to the Nintendo Wii.

The move, eventually, will be integrated into popular titles like "Little Big Planet" but will immediately be recognized for its refined controls of new, graphic-rich games that are still in development.

Sony reports that the price point for the move will be just under $100.

With all of this attention centered-around the PlayStation 3 the only thing that could perhaps up the ante is if the move was controlling the arsenal unleashed by Kratos.

Regardless, this third "God Of War" is bigger than any clash of the titans we've seen released in ages.

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