Rock mix leads to 'drastic' improvement along muddy Horry Co. road

Aynor, SC - AYNOR, SC (WMBF) - Residents living along a privately-owned dirt road in Aynor say they couldn't be happier with a "one-time fix" project put into motion by Horry County Public Works crews.

Those who call Jane Lane home say thick mud has been a problem along the road for years, making it impassable to not only cars, but emergency vehicles as well.

"It's bad enough that no emergency vehicles could get in here and they got stuck a couple months ago," explained Allan Recine, a Jane Lane resident. "We had a neighbor next door who had to call an ambulance and the fire truck couldn't get through."

Recine and his neighbors say they got fed up and contacted county officials. When they did not receive the results they wanted from the county, they contacted WMBF News for help.

After spotlighting the problem with Horry County officials, crews began laying down a crushed rock mixture that would help alleviate the muddy conditions along the road.

"We love it, we really do. They did a fantastic job," said Bernadine Recine, a Jane Lane resident. "I didn't think they would do the whole road. We weren't looking for the whole road, but you know, it's a plus."

Once the mixture dries, it will give the road enough traction for all types of vehicles to travel in and out of the community.

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