Green Hair Salon

Columbia, SC - COLUMBIA, SC (WMBF) - The Green Hair Salon in Columbia has everything a normal salon has; regular visitors, plenty of scissors and blow driers. But there's one thing that makes this salon different. Green Hair.

It's not what you think. Not actual green hair, but a green philosophy that helps the environment.

"The name has nothing to do with chemicals, dye or color we color hair in," Stylist Keith Olawsky explained. "It has all to do with products we use and steps they're taking."

They use organic hair products, energy efficient dryers, even the magazines are hand me downs from clients. But the crowd favorite is the recycled hair. Hair that falls to the ground is collected in vacuums set up around the salon, and is eventually sent off to a company who places it on beaches, to help absorb oil spills.

Owlawsky says going green is a great thing for his salon.

"It all adds up if everyone helps," he said.

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