Tea Partiers hope to put brakes on health care reform

(NBC) - Bringing their numbers together again, anti-reform Tea Partiers Tuesday teamed up with conservative lawmakers amplifying GOP criticism of the health care overhaul.

"We begin the final chapter of health care debacle," Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan said.

House Democrats used their numbers in committee to move reform closer to a final vote.

"This is not a government takeover of health care," New Jersey Rep. Rob Andrews said. "It's a consumer takeover of health care and long overdue."

That was President Barack Obama's argument. In Ohio he got help from the audience.

"Vote yes!" someone shouted, pressuring Democrat Dennis Kucinich to accept health care change he wants more of. The President broadened the call saying, "I'm calling on Congress to pass these reforms, and I'm gonna sign them into law. I want some courage."

With Republicans unified against the reforms, new anti-reform ads take aim at uncommitted Democrats.

A major pro-reform union is calling out Democrats like Mike McMahon of New York, warning him what a no vote could mean for his reelection bid.

"We need someone in that race maybe as an Independent who can articulate why we need health care reform cause obviously he doesn't believe in it," SEIU President Andy Stern said.

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