Actress Monica Potter reveals her struggles with playing a mom on "Parenthood"

(NBC) - NBC's new drama "Parenthood" airs Tuesday night, and it boasts one of the biggest casts in primetime.

For one of the actresses, her role cuts very close to home. Monica Potter is a mom in real life, but deciding to be one on TV was no slam dunk.

"I said, I don't know if I can play a parent on TV. I don't know how to do this. And then, I was like, am I an idiot?," explained Potter about how she came to the decision to take the role.

The role of Kristina not only meant playing a wife and mom, but also becoming part of a large ensemble cast.

"It feels like a family. No big fights yet. Thank God! That could be ugly with this many people in the cast," she laughed.

One of Potter's favorite things about the show is all of the eating scenes on the show.

"They make really good food. The lasagna was amazing, and then we had a salad, and Lauren said, I'm just eating the salad, and I'm like....rouwl! Hopefully we won't have a need for 'Celebrity Biggest Loser.' I will do it!"

The actress is a huge fan of NBC's hit show "Biggest Loser." She said her own weight issues during the course of having three kids helps her relate.

"I was a big girl. I weighed about 206. It's such a hard thing to lose the weight and people don't realize how traumatic it is."

You may remember Potter from the ABC drama "Boston Legal." One of her earliest roles was in the film comedy "Patch Adams" with Robin Williams.

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