New minimally invasive procedure offers back patients relief with little recovery time

(NBC) - It has literally become a quick fix for those suffering from back pain.

The Accurascope procedure normally lasts only 30-to-40 minutes.

It begins with a small incision at the base of the spine.. then, doctors use a flexible catheter.. and fluoroscope to find and fix a wide array of problems.

"It won't treat mechanical bone problems but for pinched nerves, you know herniated disc, those type problems, it's a real effective way to try to eliminate the symptoms with a real minimally invasive type procedure," Dr. Kelly Will, with North American Spin, said.

Studies show as many as 80-percent of Americans will suffer from back pain during their lives..

and now.. many of those are apparently turning to the Accurascope for relief.

"Last year we treated patients from 18-88 years old," Chris Lloyd, the CEO of North American Spine, said.

"We've had people from Europe, Canada, all 50 states," Dr. Will said.

Tony Rios says after a training injury left him in severe pain, "I was actually walking on a cane for about 4 months."

The Accurascope helped wrestle his back... back into shape.

Initially doctors suggested fusion surgery for his spine which would have meant almost a year of recovery and rehabilitation.

Instead Rios opted for the new, less-invasive procedure.

"Seven days later I was actually in the gym holding mitts for somebody being able to punch me and so forth, moving around," he said.

And now almost two years later.. Rios says he's still kicking.

According to doctors at North American Spine, initial studies indicate 85-90 percent of patients report "good" results from the procedure.

The Accurascope is only available through North American Spine offices in Dallas, and Dayton, Ohio. A third location is set to open in Tampa, Florida this spring.

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