WV couple ties the knot at local Goodwill store

Huntington, WV - HUNTINGTON, WV (NBC) – Most people go to Goodwill to find gently used clothing items and perhaps a toy, but how about a husband? That is exactly what one West Virginia woman walked away with at the popular thrift store.

The former Loretta Runyon of Huntington says that when you know, you know. Runyon met the love of her life, Arlin Jackson, a few years ago while working a Marshall University football game. The couple now works for Goodwill Industries.

"We worked two separate hours, two separate shifts," Loretta said. "I just felt like he was the right person."

Arlin and Loretta thought about eloping after they got engaged, but a friend of the pair had a different idea. Connie Chaney, another Goodwill employee, told couple they couldn't elope – and the idea of a "Goodwill Wedding" was born.

Eight surrounding Goodwill stores pitched in, scanning donations for anything that could be used in the wedding. Loretta bought Arlin's wedding clothes and he bought hers, but aside from that, everything was from a Goodwill store.

"We've really enjoyed it and it's been a thrill to see how happy they've been," Chaney said.

Friends and family filled the Goodwill in Huntington on Saturday afternoon to watch Arlin and Loretta say their vows.

"She's my best friend," Arlin said, "And the love of my life."

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