Pelosi - Congress eager to pass health care bill

WASHINGTON D.C. (WMBF) - Although Democrats are optimistic about the upcoming congressional vote on a health care deal, Republicans say more legislation is needed.

"I'm delighted that the President will be here for the passage of the bill," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.  "It's going to be historic." Her comment came after presidential aides said Obama would delay his departure to Indonesia in hopes to stay and lobby.  He was originally leaving Wednesday, now a week from Sunday.

One area Pelosi and eager Democrats may be overlooking are the conservative Democrats that won't vote yes until tougher language is added to block federal funding for ending pregnancies.

"This country has had a long-standing tradition of denying government funding for abortion services," said Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia.  Cantor is among many Republicans who claim their numbers are steadfast.

In what's being called a congressional sweetener, the health care reform bill may include fresh funding for college scholarships, which could grab more young Democrat support.

Pelosi hopes to have final passage this coming week.

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