Bouncing back from job loss

Charlotte, NC - By Kristen Miranda - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If you asked her three years ago, Carol Ann Cox probably wouldn't have said she'd be spending her days now traveling from room to room in area assisted living centers.

After she lost her job as a long-time administrative assistant, she chose to start her own business.

"I thought my clientele would be busy professionals and small business owners," Cox said.

Her new business was an errand running service.  She was willing to be a traveling notary, a pet sitter, a forgotten-lunch-box carrier, a grocery shopper and a gift buyer.

"Whatever people needed, I wanted to be able to do it to save them time," Cox said.

Unfortunately within a year of starting her business, the economy took a nosedive.

"With the recession that business didn't happen.  Those people weren't buying.  But I got lucky and I met a gal who works with elderly people and she said we could use your help," Cox said.

Now she provides those same services, and some companionship, to a slightly older and no less appreciative crowd.

"She comes in and helps her eat lunch every day, anything.  She's a companion and friend to my mom," said Gillian Wilx whose mother is one of Carol Ann's clients.

"I always had to find my niche.  I thought I did that before but now I am happier.  I'm not rich but I'm helping people and I feel really good about that," Cox said.

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