Dolphins in distress

Wellfleet, MA - (NBC) – Crews continued to work Friday to save a pod of dolphins stranded off the coast of Wellfleet, MA.

Volunteers and workers waded through muddy water Thursday to rescue eight Atlantic white-sided dolphins from Drummers Cove.  Unfortunately, two of the dolphins did not survive.

The remaining six dolphins were quickly transported to Provincetown so they could be released back into the ocean.

Overnight, three dolphins found their way back out to the water.

"It's thrilling to see them saved. I've been worried about them all night," said Joanna Larance, a concerned resident.

The rescued dolphins were released three at a time off the coast of Provincetown so they can regroup quickly.

"I'm very exhausted. Yesterday was a 12-hour day, and today looks like it's going to be another full day. There are still animals out in the bay, and who knows where they are going to pop up next," said Larry Bessinger, a rescuer.

With Friday's fatalities, four dolphins in total have died.  The animals bodies will be used for research.

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