Drive-thru diet exposed

(WMC) - In a world of fast food choices, Taco Bell claims its new drive-thru diet menu.  Is the choice du jour for those looking to lose weight without giving up that fast food fix?

It's not what they're telling you that left us hungry for more!

Christine Dougherty is the new face of Taco Bell.  The fast food chain spokesperson claims to have lost 54 pounds in two years, while eating at the Taco Bell drive thru five to eight times a week.

"I didn't have to give up eating fast food. I just was able to make better choices," Dougherty said.

Those choices came from what Taco Bell calls their Drive-thru Diet Menu.  In their seven Fresco items, they've replaced the cheese and sour cream with extra tomatoes and cilantro.  Each taco and burrito has between 150 and 340 calories and four to eight grams of fat.

Howver, read the fine print in Taco Bell's ad: "This is a low calorie food. Like many of us, Christine wasn't willing to give up her fast food fix."

Registered dietician Megan Murphy is pleased that fast food restaurants are giving customers more options, but she's concerned they'll misinterpret Christine's weight loss story.

"They don't give us nearly enough information as far as promoting it as a complete lifestyle change," Murphy explained.

You have to look closely to see that Christine cut her overall food intake to 1,250 calories a day.

Taco Bell's dietician, Ruth Carey, has a different spin.

"As a dietician, I know that for people to achieve weight loss they need to lower their total calorie intake and exercise regularly," Carey said.

Taco Bell's concept isn't unique.

At McDonalds you could order a Grilled Chicken Ranch Snack Wrap and a side salad with low fat vinaigrette for a total of 330 calories and 14 grams of fat. Chick Filet's char-grilled chicken sandwich and a side salad with light Italian adds up to 385 calories and 8.5 grams of fat.

Murphy says the best choice is still making your own meal.  She whipped up an on-the-go lunch that had more fiber and less fat.

Taco Bell says they aren't selling a diet, just a menu of better choices, even though their website is drive thru diet dot com.

So remember, if you just can't resist the drive thru drive through diet isn't the magic solution to weight loss success.