CCU promotes green program by riding bikes for everyday use

Conway, SC - CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Coastal Carolina University has developed a new program that will allow students, faculty, and staff to borrow bicycles to use for errands and trips around campus.

"We want to promote that there is another alternative," admitted sophomore psychology major John Weaver, one of the student organizers. "This other alternative has so many more pros than cons."

Weaver and others are working closely with the campus sustainability coordinator, Marissa Mitzner. The Coastal Couriers program will start with seven bikes—two bought by the university, and five donated through a gift from the Conway Lions Club.

Mitzner says she hopes to have more than 100 bikes next year in an expanded form of the biking program.

"That's going to be for University Place (off-campus apartments), as well as some bikes on campus," said Mitzner. "There will be a mix of hybrids or mountain bikes to encourage students not to drive to campus, but to ride instead."

The current bikes are all cruiser style, with a basket on the front and a wide seat.

Mitzner says she hopes to use the programs to teach students and others in the community more about bicycles as a smart form of transportation.

"We want to focus on the environmental aspects, like how much carbon dioxide you are saving by riding your bike as opposed to driving, or how many calories you are burning," said Mitzner.

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