Katharine McPhee guest stars on "Community"

(NBC) - Singer Katharine McPhee's not only got a new look these days, going from brunette to blonde, she's also got a new job as a guest star on NBC's comedy "Community".

"People were like, is she an actor?" recalled series star Joel McHale. "Turns out she is. And was, even before she was a singer."

Thursday night, McPhee's back to her acting roots.

"Huge 'Community' fan," the former American Idol runner-up explained. "Huge Joel McHale fan."

She plays one of the 32 step-children for Chevy Chase's character, Pierce.

"I come off as a sweet, innocent stepchild who wants to get to know Pierce," said McPhee, "You find out later, I'm after a little bit more than that."

That means she's got eyes for Joel's character.

"Of course, I had to have many on screen kisses," McPhee explained.

Missing out on those lip locks left one cast members jealous.

"Have I gone to the network and complained? Yeah," said actor Ken Jeong, "Have I written letters? Yes! Have my fans complained? Yes. Both of them."

Acting could be a big part of McPhee's future.

"She is amazing," said McHale. "I'm not joking!"

She may get her chance. Producers have cast McPhee in a comedy pilot that NBC is considering for its fall lineup.

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