Specialized bomb-sniffing dogs are on the move in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV - (NBC) - McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas is already using full body scanners in its some of its screening lines.

But they can't scan everyone.

So the airport has another layer of protection tracking down explosive devices – and this one is constantly on the move.

It's the kind of job that requires the strongest of senses and a nose that can sniff out just about anything, including materials that make-up a bomb.

Brian Robertson and his partner "Annie" are one of five canine-officer teams that roam McCarran Airport.

The dogs were specially trained in Texas by the Transportation Security Administration and have been successfully used at McCarran since April 2002.

Rosemary Vassiliadis is the Deputy Director of Aviation for Clark County.

She says the dogs help calm passengers, because the public can actually see this extra layer of protection.

"In our peek times, we do station them around the terminal so people can see them and they can respond very quickly if needed," said Vassiliadis.

There are more than 600 TSA certified canine explosive teams at nearly 80 of the largest airports and mass transit systems in the United States.

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