Facebook Reunion

Phoenix, AZ - (NBC) – Social networking is used for just about everything these days especially finding long lost friends, but how about family members?

Jessica Jakel was sent to foster care when she was just 7 years old.  Throughout her life Jakel prayed her mother would one day come searching for her, and thanks to Facebook her prayers were answered.

On her 40th birthday this past January, Jakel received a message from her mother saying "Happy Birthday," and the messages didn't stop there.

Leigh Jobe flew from Tennessee to Phoenix to spend five days with her daughter.

Jobe said although she can't get back the years she was separated from Jakel, she can't wait to make up for the lost time.  She is also considering moving to the area when it's time to retire.

Both women had huge smiles on their faces when they met in Phoenix and are hoping this is just the beginning of a deeper mother-daughter relationship.

They left the airport arm-in-arm.

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