Conway Medical lifts visitor restrictions

By Chandi Lowry

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Conway Medical Center has lifted restrictions on visitors under the age of 18 as the flu season begins to level off.

Hospital officials say the restriction has been lifted because they've seen fewer people come into the hospital to be treated for the flu.

"Nothing is 100 percent, but we feel like the incidents of flu have decreased to the point where we don't have large masses of people who are carrying the flu germs right now," said Conway Medical spokeswoman Julie Rajotte.

Codi Talbott tried to visit her grandfather in the hospital when she was 17-years-old, but she was turned away.

"I as in college, so that was definitely weird for me," she recalled. "I'm allowed to be in college but I can't go to the hospital?"

Talbott is 18-years-old now and claims the hospital should have only targeted smaller children, not older teens.

Rajotte says they were strict on the policy to protect patients.

"That's a closed, confined space obviously the transfer of germs is much more likely to get into a closed confined space, so it really pertained to patients rooms," Rajotte said.

The Grand Strand Regional Medical Center plans on lifting their restriction on March 15.

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