Angry bride and groom attack bridal store employees

(NBC) - Three Detroit, Michigan men are due in court this week on assault charges involving a brawl inside a bridal shop.

The incident began as a confrontation between a bride-to-be and a store employee that eventually got out of hand. Store Owner Hekmat Putruss said the fight stems from an earlier dispute workers had with an unruly customer over a bridal dress.

The bride-to-be returned the following day to ask for alterations but Putruss refused and told the customer to leave. That's when the situation escalated.

"She told me 'I'm going to call my husband to come and kill you here and teach everybody here a lesson,'" Putruss said.

The store was then put on lockdown. Moments later, a surveillance camera captured a friend of the bride-to-be opening the door.

A group of men then stormed inside and slapped the store owner's wife in the face and attacked his son. Putruss was also tackled and thrown to the ground.

Police came to the store and arrested three men. They've been arraigned on assault charges.

Putruss said he's been in business for more than 25 years and he's never seen or experienced anything like this.

"It taught us a lesson to take extraordinary precautions," he said.

Putruss estimated the damage from the fight to be around $20,000.

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