Speed Patrol: Pine Street, Conway

By Jennifer Grove - bio | email

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - After one viewer wrote in asking for help with a speeding problem on her road, WMBF News Speed Patrol headed out to Pine Street in Conway to look into the issue with police.

The viewer's email explained a concern for pedestrians using the street saying, "People go as fast as they can on this road."

Peggy Wray and Alice Greene go walking rain or shine throughout the area, but on Pine Street they say they are worried about speeders.

"People ride so fast that they run us off the highway," Greene told WMBF News.

The WMBF News radar gun clocked most cars at the limit, others going up to 10 over in the 35 mph zone.

"I'm a senior citizen myself, and I don't want to be run off the highway," Greene said. "We're supposed to share the highways, but they don't."

Wray added, "Some of them, they just fly through here. They don't take any consideration for us or anybody else."

Wray says that speeding is especially a concern for one of her neighbors who is disabled and uses a wheelchair, saying she has difficulty navigating the grassy roadside.

"People ought to take consideration," Wray said. "She's in a wheelchair. She needs that space on the road to get to where she's going and coming."

Both Wray and Greene say they want to see something change. Greene says she would like to see sidewalks put in, as well as more lighting along the roadway.

WMBF News took our viewer's email that echoed their concerns to Conway Police to get their reaction. Lt. Tim Chapman explained that the first step would be putting in speed trailers along the road.

"We would be glad to schedule the trailers out there and take care of a problem if we do have a problem," Chapman said.

Chapman says if speed is an issue they will step up patrols and place decoy police cars along the street; whatever it takes to get the message across to drivers to slow down.

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