Consider This - Bullying

By Matt Miller - bio | email

Those of us with children worry about our kids getting hurt constantly from playing too rough outside with friends to an injury in organized sports or even a freak accident at home.

But another place kids across the world get hurt every day is school. And this abuse comes mainly in the form of bullying, which can be very hard for the school itself to police or prevent with the victim too scared to speak out.

Consider This: According to one national website dealing with the issue, one out of four kids report being bullied at some time during the school year, with almost half taking place in the school bathroom.

A majority of victims say they were bullied mentally, verbally and physically, with 14 percent saying they experienced severe bad reactions to the abuse.

This in turn has led to more kids bringing a weapon to school, with 87 percent of the kids involved in a violent incident saying they wanted to "get back" at the person bullying them.

The Grand Strand and Pee Dee is not immune to this problem. The best advice is to talk with your child, look for any signs of abuse and try and get them the help they need before something far worse than being called a few names happens.

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