Speed Patrol: 16th Avenue North, Surfside Beach

By Jennifer Grove - bio | email

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - After receiving an email from a viewer who was concerned about speeders in his neighborhood, WMBF News Speed Patrol headed out to 16th Avenue North in Surfside Beach.

Claire Arambula who lives on the road says the average traffic speed is usually fast.

"It's easy to speed on this road," Arambula explained, saying many cars coming off of US-17 Business find it difficult to slow down.

Her neighbor Ernest Broadnax agrees: "The speed limit on 17 [Business] is 45 [mph]," Broadnax said. "You turn off of 45 onto this street which is 30, you think you're creeping, and people tend to go a little faster."

Surfside Beach Police say the road is a part of a handful of streets in the town that offer a straight-through shot to the beach.

"Those are streets that we do perform a lot of radar patrol on," Capt. Arron Miller told WMBF News. "We do get some speed complaints on [it as well] just because you don't have the stop signs to break up the traffic."

The WMBF News radar gun found that traffic averaged over the 30 mph limit with some cars going 10 mph over.

"We are routinely, when we're not taking calls, out doing traffic control," Miller said. "Sometime's we'll do things like decoy cars to hopefully slow traffic. Sometimes it may be a decoy car, sometimes it may not."

Miller says his department works to be proactive by periodically placing speed monitoring signs along the road. He says the Town Council has also done its part to make the road safer.

"The town has been doing good work putting more and more sidewalks in and I think they've got that planned for the future [as well]," he said.

Broadnax says the sidewalk is a big improvement over the crowded road of the past.

"Oh yes, yes!" he said emphatically. "People were walking in the street all of the time prior to the sidewalk."

Even though pedestrians now have a path to the beach of their own, golf carts still share the road with drivers making it even more critical for cars to obey the posted 30 mph limit.

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