Consider This - Horry County Administrator

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

It's interesting - well maybe another word would be more appropriate - to watch politics at work. At the federal level there is gridlock between the Republicans and Democrats. At the state level there are ongoing disputes between the legislature and the Governor. And at the county level we have the continuing political stalemate over the county administrator post.

Consider This: Horry County initially hired a search firm to help recruit and narrow the list of potential candidates for the position. The group was cut to three top contenders with John Weaver, the county attorney and interim administrator, as a finalist. Six council members for voted for Weaver and six voted for another candidate, and neither side was willing to reconsider their vote. Now the county is bringing in two new candidates, and Weaver, for consideration.

Let's hope the council members can reach a majority vote on one of the candidates, so we can get past this divisive issue. Our suggestion is to award the position to Weaver. He has done a good job as county attorney and would serve the county well as the full time administrator. He is not a "yes" man and doesn't play favorites, which is probably why some council members chose not to support him, and that is one of the primary reasons he should get the post. He knows the ins and outs of county government, the processes and procedures, how the systems work and he deserves a shot at filling the position on a permanent basis.

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