Speed Patrol: Robert Edge Parkway

By Jennifer Grove - bio | email

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - It has been nearly six months since Robert Edge Parkway in North Myrtle Beach opened to traffic. WMBF News Speed Patrol traveled out to the connector Thursday to see how traffic is flowing.

SCDOT says that since the opening of the connector, they have increased the speed limit on a portion of the roadway from 45 to 55 mph. They say the change was made to avoid the wide straightaway from becoming a speed trap for drivers.

Rayford Vereen, whose family has lived in the North Myrtle Beach area for generations, says the connector has been a tremendous asset to the community.

"[It has] probably eliminated fender benders and bump-ins and that sort of thing by people being able to get on the Main Street connector," Vereen said.

Allen Roger, who works just across the road, says building the connector has been the most helpful thing done on the north end of the Grand Strand in a long time.

"It's real good for me because I use it every day," Roger said. "Twice a day."

Roger says as with any new road, it will take time for drivers to get used to the speed limits.

"The speeding most of the time comes from people who don't know where they are," Roger said. "They don't pay as much attention as the locals would."

Vereen added, "It's such a good road and a wide road that it gives you a tendency to want to go a little too fast."

The WMBF News radar gun found that while most cars were following close to the speed limit, some came over the bridge at more than 10 mph over the posted limit of 45.

"I do think from time to time they're going to really have to monitor that to keep people from getting too fast on it," Vereen noted.

SCDOT says that while they have no expectations of changing the speed limits in the near future, consideration is always possible as more traffic begins to make use of the connector.

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