Does it Work: Twin Draft Guard

(KPLC) - The groundhog is calling for six more weeks of winter, which could mean more high heat bills. Not so fast. The Twin Draft Guard claims to hold the heat inside while keeping the cold outside.

The Twin Draft Guard is a basic product. As for its design, it features two sets of foam tubes that assemble and slide into long pouches in a brown fabric. The center of the guard is designed to slide under most doors, with the foam edges working to block drafts on either side.

We have a variety of floor surfaces on which to try the Twin Draft Guard and first test the product on a draft by the door gap on a tile floor. We used some sliced paper and a hair dryer to simulate air flow. The wind blows easily between the gap between the door and the floor. After positing the Twin Draft Guard under the door, the paper is nearly motionless on the opposite side. The door slid freely, and held a pretty good seal of air and light.

We moved to a door with a lip from wood to carpet. This proved to be another easy installation. The door opened and closed with minimal effort. As far as linoleum floors with a metal door, we achieved the same results as with the other two.

How about a door over some carpet? This door had a small gap, which proved slightly more difficult when sliding the guard underneath. Once it was installed, the door moved freely where the gap was large enough, but gave some slight resistance where the door to floor gap was less.

A longer door proved too long for one unit, but that wasn't the only problem. The gap was almost as large as the foam inserts. And as door moved, it rolled right over the Twin Draft Guard. So make sure your gaps aren't larger than the unit itself. And if the door is shorter, the foam cuts easily with scissors to get the perfect length.

The low cost, simple installation, versatility, and draft blocking ability of the Twin Draft Guard doubles up to a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test. We found our Twin Draft Guard selling for $9.99.

Web Extra: This device claims to work on not only doors, but also windows. We did not try it out on windows for our test. However, we did try it on a variety of doors with mainly positive results.

A few issues can arise with this device. First, if the door is flush with the floor, it would be very difficult to slide this unit into place. If the gap it too large, we found that it rolled right over the unit, so measure your gaps. Ours was about 1 inch, so anything larger would not work with a standard installation. If your door opens to a declining surface, then the unit could just fall off from the bottom of the door. Watch for large lips where the door closes as this could prove problematic.

If you buy it for $10 and it doesn't fit on the door you wanted it to, you can likely find another door around the house in which you can use it. The total length of the Twin Draft Guard is 36".

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