Consider This - The Grand Strip

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Horry County Councilman Bob Grabowski got it right. People that want to visit a strip club will find them regardless of where they are located. And that's really the point: Get these clubs off the main thoroughfares and put them in less visible locations such as an industrial area, like Myrtle Beach has done on Seaboard Avenue.

Consider This: It's time Horry County find a way to change the zoning laws so these clubs are removed from US-501 and US-17, the main entrances into the community. Councilman Grabowski and Mayor John Rhodes say they want the county and city to work together to resolve this issue and you can count on WMBF News to follow up on this story and keep you updated on the progress of getting these clubs moved to less prominent areas.

Hopefully we can create an entranceway that is appealing to families looking to vacation along on Grand Strand who instead are now greeted to the Grand Strip.

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