Speed Patrol: Stoney Falls Boulevard

By Jennifer Grove - bio | email

CAROLINA FOREST (WMBF) - After receiving multiple viewer emails about speeding along Stoney Falls Boulevard in Avalon, WMBF News visited the Carolina Forest subdivision with a radar gun.

At the entrance to the subdivision the speed limit is 25 mph, but as cars drive back on Stoney Falls Boulevard, the limit drops to 15. The WMBF News Speed Patrol clocked vehicles cruising more than 20 mph over that limit.

One concerned parent writing in to WMBF News is worried those speeds will turn dangerous: "We are all scared to death that someone is going to get hurt or killed by one of these speeding cars."

Another concerned parent says she sees many cars blowing though the stop signs while children wait for the bus is the morning.

"Cars have even gone around the bus when the lights are on and the children are boarding," she commented.

Joe Carrano, who has children who play in the neighborhood, says he has seen the dangerous effects of speeding first hand.

"A couple weeks ago some car had to swerve off the road and smashed up both [my neighbor's] mailboxes," Carrano told WMBF News. "The guy went right off the road because he wasn't paying attention to what we was doing, how fast he was going."

HOA President Ed Stapleton says speeding is the main concern of many residents in the subdivision. Stapleton says while there have been no fatalities, he knows of at least two children who have been hit by cars and one near accident was caught on tape.

Stapleton says they have been successful in petitioning the county for placing multiple stop signs along the boulevard and are currently hiring an Horry County Police officer to run radar four hours each week, but he says they are still waiting for another line of defense: speed humps.

After putting in a call to the Horry County Engineering Department, WMBF News Speed Patrol learned that help will soon be on its way. Avalon will be the last area to receive speed humps this fiscal year under the county's Traffic Calming Program.

The county says funding is available for the installation of four speed humps, which will be placed in Avalon sometime in the spring.

Stapleton says they will also consider providing the funding themselves for a few additional humps to go in at other places pinpointed in the county's traffic study.

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