Wellness U

Health and Wellness
Tuesday 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Thursday 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Instructor:  Dr. Akoury
Phone:  843-361-2772

This journey is designed to give participants a clear understanding of the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and the tools with which to do so. Participants will be presented with a plethora of current research and ideas related to health and wellness, in order to meet the following objectives:

Participants will:

  1. Identify the seven dimensions of health and wellness and be able to describe their own relationship to a positive lifestyle.
  2. Discuss the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Assess current levels of health and wellness and develop a self-help plan for lifestyle improvement based on individualized goals.
  4. Discuss the risk factors, causes, and effects of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity, and describe preventative measures for each.
  5. Understand the differences and similarities between health and fitness.
  6. Define muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility in relation to meeting the various principles of training.
  7. Identify the recommended dietary guidelines for Americans, and their implications in health and wellness.
  8. Assess personal nutrition habits and their impact on a healthy lifestyle.
  9. Discuss factors which lead to eating disorders.
  10. Define stress and describe its effects on the individual.
  11. Identify different methods of stress management, and understand their application.
  12. Recognize the importance of personal safety in the home, at work, and during recreation.
  13. Discuss the use and abuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.
  14. Discuss the causes, prevention, and treatment of communicable diseases.
  15. Identify common conditions and diseases which can occur during the aging process.
  16. Become an informed consumer regarding food, medicine, and health care.

Each class will include 'mini breaks' for movement, meditation, and interaction, as well as goal setting and review. The program also includes a personal visit for each participant with Dr Akoury. Based on the Four Pillars program, the following topics will be covered over the six weeks of the program:

  • Nutrition

∙   Detoxification

∙   Food and nutrition assimilation

∙   Gastrointestinal health

∙   Nourishing the skin, brain, and body

∙   Social and genetic aspects of eating

∙   The role of antioxidants

∙   Acid/alkaline foods

∙   Label reading

∙   Shopping for groceries

∙   Food preparation

∙   Cooking class

  • Stress management

∙   Signs and symptoms of stress

∙   Cortisol – functions and challenges

∙   Meditation

∙   Yoga and T'ai Chi

∙   Introduction to Reiki

∙   Exercise as a stress control

∙   Deep and effective breathing

∙   Speakers on exercise physiology, yoga, and massage

  • Exercise

∙   Exercise as medicine (exercise physiology)

∙   Types of exercise and their use

∙   Impact of exercise on the body and health

∙   Exercise class

  • Spirituality

∙   The connection between the Spirit and the Self

∙   Mind-Body-Spirit connections of health (psychoneuroimmunology)

∙   Group meditations

∙   Group Reiki session

In addition, the following topics (and more!) will be presented throughout the class:

  • Dimensions of Health and Wellness, and related risk factors
  • Components of physical fitness
  • Self-help plan for lifestyle change
  • Muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility
  • Nutrition, body composition, and eating disorders
  • Personal safety
  • Common conditions and diseases
  • Consumer education

Participant Responsibilities
Participants are expected to participate fully in each class, including:

  • Bring an open mind, and be willing to cultivate personal awareness
  • Complete health questionnaire(s)
  • Complete homework assignments