Does It Work: Shark's Steam Mop

(WMBF) - Household chores can be a pesky task for many, but now one product is hoping to make mopping a little bit easier for those not too thrilled with the task.

Shark's Steam Mop promises to sanitize floors - both tile and wooden - in a short amount of time. The product claims it's safe to use on all floors and works for deep-cleaning and everyday spills.

However, does it work?

The WMBF News Network put Shark's Steam Mop to the test and found like many products, the mop came in multiple parts. Once the mop handle is all snapped together, users are instructed to attach one of two supplied cleaning pads to the Velcro on the bottom of the mop.

The reusable, machine washable pads are practically identical, except for a blue tab on one of them. The instructions say it's to simply tell the two apart.

To work the mop, users push the handle, which pumps water into the built-in steamer. Despite taking several passes over a number of scuff marks on a rubber floor, the chemical-free steam removed them in a matter of minutes.

The quick results on a number of stains and messes on different types of floors gives Shark's Steam Mop a "yes" in this week's Does It Work test.

The Shark's Steam Mop sells for about $80 at stores nationwide.

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