Does It Work: Ronco Coffeetime Brew System

(KFVS) - The Coffeetime Brew System promises it tastes better than any coffee you've ever had before, but does it work?

"Seems like a lot of extra work and time to wait just to get your coffee," said lawyer Eric Bohl, who agreed to help test the Coffeetime.

The system promises it's worth the wait: Not only does cold-brewing reduce acid, but it also supposedly produces a coffee concentrate that lasts weeks. Ronco claims cold-brewing your coffee grounds creates "coffee-house tasting coffee."

Bohl has his doubts.

"It would have to be really good for people to switch over," he commented.

Cold-brewing requires your coffee grinds to sit in cold water for 8-12 hours, so you can't expect to brew up some coffee and taste it in a matter of minutes. It takes preparation.

Bohl prepares the first round of Coffeetime coffee and his coworkers will prepare another batch at the end of their work day. So when the next day's results are tested, they will sill be in the 8-12-hour window required by Ronco.

In that time, Eric and his colleagues at the Limbaugh Law Firm devised their own cold-brewing method. They simply rigged up their own pitcher and filter to equal that of the Coffeetime and didn't cost them the $25 the Ronco does.

After making a mess trying to take the plug out so the coffee concentrate can drip out into the pot, Bohl noticed it doesn't look appetizing: "It looks like mold."

Once the concentrate completely drips into the container, the testers are ready for the ultimate taste test, pour hot water into the concentrate. With three cups - one containing the Coffeetime Brew, one with the homemade cold brew system, and one cup of traditionally brewed coffee - the tasters begin their testing.

The testers agreed there wasn't much of a difference.

"The only way this would be worth it is if this was the best coffee anyone has ever had in their lives," Bohl said. "That clearly wasn't the results of our taste test."

Add in the mess and that once you run out of the Coffeetime coffee you can't simply brew another pot and the expense, "It seems all of it should get an F."

The Ronco Coffeetime Brew System is a waste of time and money. It fails this Does it Work test.

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