Consider This - William Bailey

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

This week, North Myrtle Beach announced that Public Safety Director William Bailey has been removed from his position and has been demoted to the position of lieutenant. Based on the recent actions of Officer Bailey, we think the city acted accordingly and we agree with their decision. These actions include his confession that he lied about the circumstances surrounding the theft of his handgun and the allegation he interfered with an investigation. That charge is still under investigation.

Consider This: The disciplinary action by the city is warranted and that disciplinary action could become more severe if additional information is uncovered as part of the investigation. However, in regards to the alleged cover-up following the April wildfires, we still contend there is no evidence of wrongdoing in regards to that specific event. Lack of preparation and foresight? Yes. But criminal wrongdoing? Not according to the information available at this time.

As we have said from day one, if there is wrongdoing we will be the first to request appropriate action by the authorities. Based on the facts of the current events, that is exactly what the city has done and we commend them on handling this situation quickly and decisively.

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