Consider This - May Changes

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

As we near the end of January, and one of the coldest months on record, it is nice to think about the wonderful weather of spring that is just around the corner.

Consider This: May is probably one of the nicest months of the year for our area and this year there will be many new events that have been announced for the upcoming season - like Coastal Uncorked, and many more in the works. The nice thing is we will have a diversity of options that will be attracting a diverse group of people, rather than one event that, if unsuccessful, can be devastating for many businesses.

In fact, bike rally organizers are even working to shorten their event to a five-day rally which makes sense as it would concentrate the event over a few days rather than 3 weeks.

As we thaw out from the cold, warm weather is on the horizon and optimism is high as we head towards May and officially kick off the summer.

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