Speed Patrol: 67th Avenue North

By Brandon Herring - bio | email

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Some people who live off 67th Avenue North in Myrtle Beach say the road is a high-traffic area with too many speeders who continue to drive too quickly when they turn into residential areas.

"I think they're taking a short cut from the other street," said Martha Daubner, who lives just off 67th Avenue.

The street is one of a few that connects US-17 Business and US-17 Bypass.

In addition, 67th Avenue North also provides access to several communities and the post office. With all that combined, Daubner said there is a lot of traffic and much of it is too fast.

"They're just flying down there so fast," she said. "If you go for a walk or something like that, it's bad."

On Thursday, drivers could be found going up to 44 mph on the street, which has a 35 mph speed limit.

Daubner's friend Ila Platt says the speeders often continue into the neighborhoods, like the one where she lives.

"The cars just fly by here, and I'm scared to death they're going to hit a child because there's children that live across the street," said Platt.

Daubner and Platt say they would like to see a new stop light to slow down traffic on 67th Avenue, but that could take many years and lots of research and money.

"There's a lot of research and data that has to do into justify the need for a traffic light," explained Myrtle Beach Police Officer Patrick McLean. "It's a very costly expense to put in a traffic light."

Speed humps are not usually an option either. McLean said speed humps are only allowed in private neighborhoods.

"If it's a small neighborhood that they maintain their own road, they do have that option," McLean said. "For city and state roads we cannot do that."

Police are always looking for speeders on their normal patrols, according to McLean. So officers will pay as much attention to the 67th Avenue area as they do any other similar area.

McLean said there have not been enough accidents or complaints to put any speed detection equipment in the area.

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