Does It Work: Point N' Paint

(WMBF) - Taping and draping are all part of the deal when it's time to paint the room, and now one system says painting will be made easier by skipping the preparation part.

Makers of the Point N' Paint claim one simple kit comes with all the tools needed to get a painting job done.  The product comes with two large and two small pads, along with holders and a paint tray.

Richard Doss hopes the system will make it easier and faster to make his fanfare permanent with black and gold colors.

"The Point N' Paint is fairly simple to use and it does get a good amount of paint on the wall," he said.  "But, as far as edging goes, we ran into some problems around molding and electrical sockets.  It's not doing very well against keeping the paint off of them."

Doss was moving much quicker than a second person who was helping paint his room with the conventional tape-and-paint method. However, with a closer look, it seemed the edging claim was lacking.

Doss says he had trouble getting paint close enough to the plate without painting the plate, as well. Otherwise, clean-up of the equipment was easy with a little soap and water.

When the product and its results came down to the line, did it perform?

"It was a fairly simple brush to use, but the time saved I'm just going to use cleaning up the mess that it made, so I'm going to give it a no," said Doss.

The Point N' Paint is sold for $20 at home improvement stores across the nation.

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