Does It Work: Heeltastic

(WMBF) - The cold winter weather may be wreaking havoc on your skin, but now one product is promising to rid your feet of the winter blues and get them feeling soft again.

Patty Smith has scoliosis, often resulting in her husband having to give her feet a rubdown with a combination of lotions. "Heeltastic," however, could make the process a little easier.

Before using the product, Smith's feet were dry and cracked. After applying, her feet appeared more supple, but also greasy. Her husband, Mike, lathered on his wife's favorite green tea lotion to compare the two products.

"I don't think it's any better than the green tea," said Mike.

Smith said she didn't want a greasy feeling when she put her socks on, but agreed to give her feet a few more applications to see if her dry, cracked heels would return to normal. She got the same results as the lotions, which are cheaper than the $10 roll-on.

Both Smith and her husband give the Heeltastic a C for its performance.

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