Does It Work: The Smart Mop

(WMBF) - It's a chore that must be done to keep your floors sparkling clean, and now one product is helping you take the strain off your back while mopping.

The Smart Mop claims to have great absorbing power and can handle heavy-duty clean up, but does it work?

The mop comes in three pieces that assemble quickly and easily. The head of the mop is made of strips of chamois cloth attached at both ends. A commercial for the product claims the Smart Mop can even hold an entire can of soda without dripping.

The WMBF News Network put the mop to the test, making a mess of eggs, chocolate syrup, fruit punch, brown sugar and salsa on a kitchen floor. The Smart Mop absorbed some liquid, leaving the rest on the ground. With a dip and a squeeze, the mop soaked up the rest of the punch.

"We've only used the mop for a few passes, and so far, the handle broke off as I was attempting it," said Jeff Jumper, the product's tester. "The handle is not necessary to keep things going. However, there are a few sharp edges left over from where it broke off."

A few more passes of the mop did the trick to absorb the rest of the mess. The liquid in the salsa was absorbed, but the chunks of vegetable were left on the floor.

The Smart Mop pushes its way to a messy "no" for this week's Does It Work test.

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