Drexel search continues, no new leads

GEORGETOWN COUNTY,SC (WMBF) - The search continues for teen gone missing more than eight months ago. 17- year old Brittanee Drexel was last seen leaving a Myrtle Beach hotel in April, while vacationing from New York.

Her family and volunteers from the CUE center from Missing Persons are back in the Grand Strand searching for the teen. About 100 people showed up to help search the area near the North Santee River.

Though temperatures were just above freezing that didn't stop volunteers from spending the day searching for clues.The search party had ATV's, dogs, horses and of course, people. Everyone bundeled up and covered about 100 acres of land before lunch.

Though the temperatures were low, moral was high, "we gotta do the best we can- we can't wait for the weather," says searcher Phil Pestone.

Monica Caison from the CUE Center for Missing Persons says this time of year is a great time to search for clues, because trees are bare and there isn't as much animal activity.

Caison says even if they don't find clues, the search makes a difference, "every search is successful because you are eliminating space in which that person could be."

Searchers agree that every effort helps, and they says it's all about the attitude you have when you go into it. Searcher Elizabeth Creech says, "you got to be serious about it, you got to search like if you wanted someone to do it for you."

Brittanee's mom, Dawn Drexel says these searches are very nerve-racking, and that's why she says she didn't get much sleep. She says the possibilities are endless and at this point, it's just a waiting game, "the area that's out here is just all woods, and normally when they're looking in the woods they're looking for a body, it's just scary."

Even so, everyone is very hopeful including Brittanee's Grandma Carol Wagner, "I do [have hope] because they haven't found anything I really think Brittanee's out there. She's just untouchable right now."

The family urges anyone with information to come forward, Wagner pleads,"please come forward, don't leave the family out in the cold."

The crews did not find any items that apply to Brittanee's case. They say they just the normal debris and some animal bones.

Wagner said, "I don't know where we are going from here, but we are not going to stop looking, we're going to continue to look for brittanee, she's gotta be out there somewhere."