Does It Work: Bounce Dryer Bar

(WMBF) - Doing load after load of laundry isn't exactly a cup of tea, but now one product is promising to leave your clothes fresh and feeling soft after a tumble through the dryer.

It's a big claim -- but is it true?

The WMBF News Network put the Bounce Dryer Bar to the test with Becky Angle, who says she spends her fair share of time in the laundry room. Angle is the mother of 3-year-old Elijah and 1-year-old Josie.

"I think it'll help because a lot of times that I go to put in a load of laundry, I don't remember if I've put in fabric softener or not," she said before the test. "Then, I have to re-wash it."

With the Bounce Dryer Bar, users can stick it and forget it for up to two months. Angle says it resembles a bar of soap, but will it leave behind a residue on clothing?

Angle put the product to the test with a load of towels in the dryer. After a few minutes, she said the ball was still attached but was nervous about its performance after a lengthy number of dryer tumbles.

"The only concern I have is if it will leave something on the laundry since it's in there the whole time," said Angle.

After a few more loads, Angle found her towels extra fluffy. However, many pieces of clothing were filled with static. To fix the problem, all it took was rubbing the items of clothing over the dryer ball.

The Bounce Dryer Bar sells at stores everywhere for about $4.

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