Consider This - Airport Security

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

I don't fly much, maybe three or four times each year, but when I do I prefer to think that my fellow passengers have been thoroughly screened and the plane is as safe as possible. It really doesn't matter to me if they use x-rays, puffer machines, or any other type of equipment to make sure no one is concealing bombs, guns, knives or anything else that could create a dangerous, potentially deadly, situation.

In fact, Consider This: I'm really OK with profiling if that helps to reduce the chance of someone blowing up the plane. If middle-aged, white, American men from the South are more likely to be terrorists, then pull me out of the line and check to make sure I don't have explosives hidden in my shoes or boxer shorts. By doing that, does that really affect my rights as a citizen? I don't think so. What we should be worrying about is ensuring the safety of all the passengers and get over all this political correctness that has invaded every aspect of our lives.

The terrorists only need to get it right one time to cause extreme destruction and death. They've proven that. We have to get it right thousands and thousands of times each day. If you choose to fly then you should be prepared to be subjected to whatever procedure is necessary to make sure you and your fellow passengers arrive safely. If not, rent a car.

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