Speed Patrol: Anne Street, North Myrtle Beach

By Jennifer Grove - bio | email

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - After hearing from a viewer that speeders in her neighborhood were helping to cook up a "recipe for disaster," WMBF News Speed Patrol traveled to Anne Street in North Myrtle Beach with a radar gun.

While most drivers stayed close to the posted limit of 25 mph, others were clocked going 15-20 mph over the limit. North Myrtle Beach Police say the traffic increased within the last year along the residential street after a portion of an adjoining dirt road was paved.

Neighbors living along the road say that speeding on Anne Street has already had dangerous consequences. One recent wreck resulted in North Myrtle Beach Police installing rumble strips along Belle Street, which intersects Anne Street, to warn drivers to stop.

Melinda Waldrup says a few months ago, her mother was hit on the road by a driver speeding through a stop sign. She says it was a frightening experience, one that neighbor Michael Cuffe saw play out first hand.

Cuffe says from his yard the speeding car looked like a streak as it ran through the stop sign. He says speeding like that is not an isolated incident on Anne Street.

"For the most part it's been a problem since day one," Cuffe Said. "Folks just don't seem to understand what 25 mph is."

Waldrup says that while not everyone who drives down the road speeds, it only takes one driver to make a dangerous impact.

"In a neighborhood like this you should feel safe," Waldrup said.

She says many of the kids that grew up in the neighborhood have now reached driving age.

"Your preach to them about obeying traffic rules and obeying speed limits and then they stand in their front yard and see them flying through here," Waldrup said.  "What example is that setting?"

Waldrup says she can only hope that the new drivers will use what they see as a learning experience. She says her message to drivers traveling Anne Street is simple: "Respect us. Respect our homes, respect our children, respect our animals, slow down."

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