Does It Work: Skechers Shape-Ups

(WOIO) - Besides figuring out what gift to give, the holidays are a time when some people worry about weight. But one company says you don't need to sweat - just get totally toned by wearing a special pair of shoes.

Sketchers Shape Ups claim to help you tone your calves, your butt and your thighs faster and easier than traditional workouts. But does is work? Dr. Amadeus Mason says probably not.

The Easy Tone is one example the new rocker shoes. Reebok claims lab tests show a marked increase in muscle activation due to the mini balance balls on the bottom of the shoe.

The Fit Flop claims more support to your feed adds to a fitter, more fabulous you.

Both Reebok and the makers of Fit Flop claim that while their footwear may not be the magic bullet to get you into shape, they can help relieve pressure on feet and tone the muscles.

Our tester wore the Skechers Shape Ups for about a month, and while she said she could feel the shoes working her leg muscles, she didn't notice a difference when looking in the mirror.

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