Consider This - No Smoking Law

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

It seems the North Carolina legislature tackled some very important issues in the past session, and now the laws are beginning to take effect. Last week we mentioned the new guidelines on texting while driving, and today we compliment the state leaders on implementing a statewide smoking ban.

Consider This: If North Carolina, the No. 1 tobacco-producing state, can pass legislation creating smoking guidelines, surely South Carolina leaders can do the same. In fact, Virginia, another state with a centuries-old tobacco-growing tradition, adopted a ban in March. There are now more than 30 U.S. states that have similar laws.

As we've shared before, in addition to the health benefits associated with these laws, another reason for a consistent statewide policy is the need to resolve the current issue we have with a hodgepodge of non-smoking policies in cities across the region. With North Carolina now passing their law and Georgia having enacted legislation several years ago, you won't have the issues of business owners dealing with patrons crossing the border to get their nicotine fix.

To our South Carolina state leaders: You now have two examples of legislation from our northern neighbors that you can duplicate in the upcoming session and make our South Carolina a safer, healthier place to live. We're last in so many areas, do we really want to be last on this list as well.

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