Does It Work: EZ Comb

SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) - Many of us spend hours a week in front of the mirror perfecting a hairstyle, but what if one product could slash your styling time in half? That's what the makers of the "EZ Comb" claim their product is able to do.

EZ Combs are two combs attached with a stretchable designer latticework for styling. The package comes with two combs - bronze and silver. Eight basic styles are available for users in the instruction manual.

"There's a classic style, an up-do, a fountain effect, a butterfly twist, the ponytail, the ponytail butterfly twist, the French twist and the French butterfly twist," said consumer Loraine Suarez.

Suarez decided to help the WMBF News Network test the product and decided her first hairdo would be the basic ponytail.

The result? A ponytail Suarez described as "OK."

After successful results with her ponytail, Suarez moved on to a more complicated up-do. A short time later, Suarez was sporting a new, flawless style.

"For the most part, the EZ combs worked. Someone with thick hair, curly hair or more comfortable with hair than I am, would probably have a lot better luck on the first try and real good luck with practice," Suarez said.

For this "Does It Work?" test, the EZ Comb receives a passing grade.

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