Consider This - Texting

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

I admit it: I've done it; I am guilty. I have checked an email or text while I was driving. Probably the best word you can use for that behavior is "stupid."

This week a new North Carolina law went into effect that bans texting or emailing while driving. We offer kudos to the North Carolina Legislature for passing such important legislation, and we encourage South Carolina to enact similar guidelines to help curb this dangerous behavior.

We're encouraged by comments from several state representatives who intend to push this through the approval process next year.

The next time you're driving and feel the need to check that text or send that e-mail, consider this: Many studies have shown that texting can be as dangerous as or worse than driving while intoxicated. Sending that message or reading that email while you are driving is not worth the potential tragic results that could happen. Please wait until you can pull over and stop. You'll keep the road safer for everyone, including yourself. If you choose not to delay that urge to text you'll be paying up in North Carolina and hopefully next year in South Carolina as well.

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