Does it Work: Grater Plater

(KPLC) - You'll never cut your knuckles again on metal food graters if the ceramic Grater Plater works as well as your old metal grater.

The stylish plate is smooth around the edge with rough peaks and valleys in the bottom and comes with a brush for gathering your grated goodness. It's rough but would be nearly impossible to accidentally cut yourself.

The instructions have a few suggestions depending on the type of item that you are going to grate. They group it into three different categories: dry ingredients, like our cinnamon that we'll test; moist products, including our ginger root, garlic, carrot, citrus for zesting, and the meat of a coconut; and hard cheese or chocolate, which requires a chilled Grater Plater.

With the hard cinnamon stick, we had to use a good amount of effort grating back and forth just to get a little powder. It was time consuming and required effort, but it did work.

The ginger root calls for a moistened plate and was very easy to yield minced ginger, and a lot of it with just a few scrapes. We finely minced garlic in less than 5 seconds, with similar results when grinding the carrot against the Grater Plater.

The orange, lime and lemon took more finesse in order to yield some zest. It was tough to get started with the citrus, but otherwise it yielded very fine zest from all three.

As for the coconut, the white coconut meat shredded finely with very little work.

A quick rinse to the plate and the Grater Plater was off into the freezer to chill. The Grater Plater grated cheese in seconds, ready to serve right off the dish, and swiftly ground both dark and milk chocolate shavings.

The gathering brush tended to shed some of its bristles during use, otherwise the Grater Plater grinds, minces, and shaves its way to a "Yes" on this Does it Work? test. The Grater Plater cost $9.99.

Web Extra: For $10, this is a neat little kitchen gadget. Our favorite product to grate was the cheese, holding the shavings in its dish. It's not bad to have on the table to accompany some Italian food with cheese.

With the rough, yet non-sharp bottom, it seems that this would be a safe product for kids to use to help you with cooking under supervision.

As far as the cinnamon, it worked, but all the shavings did not stay in the plate and it took quite a while to get just a little powder.

The Grater Plater was very impressive with the ginger and carrots, and even more impressive with mincing the garlic. As far as the zesting, if you've got a good balance between pressure and patience, you'll be OK. The zest was a finer than I'd expect though—not the traditional short, curly, thin strips.

Overall, for the price, this product met expectations on a majority of the products grated. The grater is top shelf dishwasher safe.

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