Consider This - Teen Drivers

By Matt Miller - bio | email

By now you may have seen one of the many spots we have been airing to promote a special story called Watched at the Wheel.

The story-line is simple. We asked four local teens from Socastee High School to have their cars wired with surveillance cameras over a period of several weeks to see how they really drive when parents are not there.

The reason we did the story was looking at national statistics that show teen drivers have a higher crash rate than any other age group. Teen drivers are three times more likely to die in a car crash than any other age group, and car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens.

I could cite many more facts, but you will hear the same results teens and cars are a dangerous mix.

Consider This: Studies also show that if parents become seriously involved in setting rules and conditions for their teens drivers, those stats start to plummet.

My boss has a simple saying: Expect what you inspect, meaning that if you routinely check what your teen is doing behind the wheel and hold them accountable by denying driving privileges when they violate those rules, you will see considerably better driving habits.

So if you have a teen driver, get involved and try and help make them driver safer and let the rest of us feel safer sharing the road with them.

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