Speed Patrol: SC-9 in Little River

By Jennifer Grove - bio | email

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) - Viewers writing in to WMBF News Speed Patrol are concerned about speeding along SC-9 in Little River around Seacoast Medical Center.

One viewer wrote in saying, "If you go the speed limit you will get run over."

The speed limit may be 40 mph, but the WMBF News radar gun clocked most drivers cruising over the limit.

Inell Dewitt drives that road everyday and says the average speed often sits well above the posted limit.

"I know that because I've been one of the people to get caught," Dewitt said.

For the Seacoast Medical Center, the speeding is a concern.

"What's unique about Seacoast Medical Center," spokeswoman Celeste Bondurant-bell said, "is that we also have a number of services that are focused on primarily an older population."

Jessie Kalimon says it can be hard to turn into the hospital off Highway 9, so she uses a different road to get to the hospital altogether.

"They're not going 40, they're going much, much faster," Kalimon said. "People drive much too fast. It's really scary."

Forty seems low, however, to Dewitt who has driven the road for years.

"I think that's a little slow," she said. "After everybody in this area is used to it being higher."

SCDOT officials say the speed was reduced in part because of increased traffic at the hospital and more businesses springing up along that stretch of Highway 9.

To the hospital, it is a safety issue.

"You have people going to Seacoast Medical Center, or any hospital, who are trying to get to the emergency room who may be driving there in a tense state of mind with a lot of anxiety," Bondurant-Bell said.

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